Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently-Asked Questions about Ticker Art

  • How many of these are you going to sell for each symbol? One. Count ’em. One. That will make these super-rare. If this first collection is a smashing success, we might generate other artwork in the future based on these symbols, but we are not going to simply alter the original piece by tweaking the colors or a few pixels like many other NFTs. We would be making utterly original art, different from these First Edition offerings.
  • Do these NFTs do anything? What, like have one ticker symbol battle another to the death? Or reproduce a hybrid symbol? Errr, no, we haven’t gone there yet. This “initial public offering” are simply one-of-a-kind originals. We might make future collections do spiffy crypto-stuff, but not yet.
  • When are the “coming soon” tickers going to be released? Soon! Honest! We have the whole schedule planned out, and all eighty of these initial offerings will be available no later than November 15, 2021.
  • How can I buy one of these? It’s easy: you just need to download the free MetaMask wallet, deposit some crypto into it, and you’re ready buy on OpenSea. Here’s a video guide to buying your first NFT: